Educating farmers about organic and bio-dynamic farming techniques


The use of synthetic chemical insecticides and pesticides has created numerous issues for farmers’ health and the environment. The training centre established at Dambulla Rangiri Ranketha, in Sri Lanka, with the support of the Well Earth sourcing program, educates farmers about the use of organic and bio-dynamic farming techniques, which helps to minimize many of these issues.

Although the training programs were initially developed for the farming community, there was a great demand from the undergraduates of local universities for this training as well. As such, a curriculum was developed to award a diploma in organic and bio-dynamic farming to fulfill the demand for professionals in the organic sector.

The main training concept focuses on the proper use of organic and bio-dynamic farming techniques to minimize the use of harmful agrochemicals, which in turn reduce the harmful impact of farming to the environment and to mankind. The impact of this training was periodically observed by our supply partners and it was noted that the raw material supply from the trained farmers were increasing and sustainable.

This valuable training concept is yet another attempt by our supply partner, Bio Foods Group to introduce sustainable organic farming to conventional farmers. The Well Earth team has collaboratively provided immense support to make this training institute a success.