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Chili Flakes

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC: EcoEcho Chili are USDA (NOP) and COR certified organic.   

NATURALLY DELICIOUS: EcoEcho Red Chili has a hot, pungent flavour. Our crushed chili and chili powder are ground from dried whole chili without any "fillers". 

INGREDIENTS: Organic Thai Chili

VARIETY: EcoEcho Organic Red Chili is a variety from the species Capsicum annum. This variety is also called Thai Bird's Eye Chili, has a Scoville value of 50,000-100,000 and is considered a "Very Hot" chili pepper. 

ETHICALLY SOURCED: EcoEcho organic products are sourced from small farmer groups in Sri Lanka through sustainable and biodiverse farming methods.

STORAGE: It is best to store spices in a cool and dry place at ambient temperature in an air tight container and they will keep their flavor for about a year.